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New colour range nods to Australia
New colour range nods to Australia

A NEW range of colours are giving homeowners the ability to blend the exterior of their home into the Australian landscape.

Cemintel national marketing manager Kim Roughan said the company had joined forces with designer Kathy Demos to launch two new ranges, giving homeowners Australian colours, textures and patterns to build homes that work in with their landscape.

“Cemintel’s newly evolved Surround and Territory ranges continue the company’s tradition of developing sophisticated products while also allowing homeowners to create spaces that capture our attention by drawing on the features of their environs,” Ms Roughan said.

“Whether it’s the red earth of the outback or the gritty grey of an urban streetscape, homeowners can draw inspiration from the assets of their surrounding areas to bring their dream designs to life using high performance, durable products.”

Cemintel’s new colour range.

Cemintel’s new colour range.Source:Supplied

In developing the Surround range, Cemintel drew on industry-veteran, Kathy Demos’, instinctive approach to design.

“The materials we use to build the spaces we live and work in must evolve as we do. They must be living, breathing features that adapt as we need them to,” Ms Demos said.

“I think of facades as being a type of skin that wraps a home to protect what’s underneath. Like the body’s skin - a facade must perform as a living part of a building, complementing and responding to the unique elements of its setting.”

Surround uses a core palette of neutrals and discrete patterns referencing Australian landscapes and streetscapes, so the home can merge seamlessly with its settings.

The range introduces a palette of five neutral prefinished products, matched with a highlights palette. Each product and highlight is represented by a symbol that references its level of warmth and base type, linking to other colours in the range.

Cemintel’s new colour range.

Cemintel’s new colour range.Source:Supplied

The Territory range expands on Cemintel’s Designer Series, drawing on traditional building materials like stone, timber, concrete and metal for inspiration.

With product names such as Savanna, Woodlands and River Bed, the Territory range allows homeowners to incorporate natural-looking, textured finishes with durability and performance features.

“With an increasing demand for homes that celebrate the story of their setting, we developed the new products in the Territory and Surround ranges to reflect and celebrate the world around us,” Ms Demos said.

Ms Roughan said the company was excited to work with Ms Demos on the new products and were confident the results would help deliver inspired, beautiful homes that stood the test of time.

Originally published as New colour range nods to Australia


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